Toko Okuda, 2015 January 2nd, Barcelona

L'Alex and El Xavi at Orwood.

L’Alex and El Xavi at Orwood.

We have been supported by such a great people.

Without Mr.Xavier Rodriguez I Guimera,we would not have made the very first product in Spain, he knows what quality is, beauty and perfection. He has been reading one of the best metal fabrication company in the world, which is called IBERPLATA. He and his co-workers are kind of angels for us, and also they are masters and great masters. We would celebrate his brain and his sense of values which drives our creation to a higher level of completion.

Mr.Alex Soler Belloso has a great company called ORWOOD, dedicated to design and fabrication in wood. And also He is a designer of many elegant and modern furnitures. Sometimes he offers a little time to us, for his nice and fruitful business lecture, which has been my favourite time there.

We are based in Barcelona, and working under the heavy economic crisis in Spain, but we have been working together with many young, talented craftsmen and engineers. They must grow their careers in the field they ever like, that is what we hope too. We will work harder not to lose a bright future of craft products.



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