Toko Okuda, 2015 January 2nd, Barcelona

Our new furniture has been just born in Barcelona, half Japanese and half Spanish.

It will be the first item of a big series of furniture family named Cats.

It is a center table to put in front of your sofa, and to drink a glass of whisky watching a movie at night, made of a very beautiful wood mosaic board and metal decorated with cloisonne pieces.

The top board of the table has an amazing pattern with a slight depth which is smooth like an embossed leather. And it is framed with brass hand finished by skilful craftsmen and artists. The legs of table are covered with cloisonne pieces on its top.

And there are more finer decoration with metal lines on the back side of the top board, which is to be seen only by your notice.

You can chose a frame colour from copper red called Gat Vermell AMESHA SPANDA or sulphuretted black Gat Negre PLATILI.

Handmade by IBERPLATA Estil S.L, AOKI Tansuten,and Toko
Supported & technical advised by Jean-Françoi DEHAY
Designed & produced by Toko Okuda

Table leg decorated with cloisonne
La pota de la taula decorada amb esmalt


Mosaics of burned Paulownia tomentosa
Mosaics de Paulownia tomentosa cremat

「赤毛のアムシャ・スパンダ 」

“Black Cat PLATILI”
“Gat Negre PLATILI”

Beautiful decoration hidden on the back of PLATILI
Bella decoració amagat a la part posterior de PLATILI

Beautiful decoration hidden on the back of AMESHA SPANDA
Bella decoració amagat a la part posterior de AMESHA SPANDA

With optional metal trays on the table (the circle is divided in four small trays)
Amb la safata de metall opcional a la taula (el cercle està dividit en quatre petites safates)

The back side of trays on the table have different colour from the front side, you can change the colour and enjoy!
La part posterior de les safates a la taula tenen un color diferent de la part frontal, pot canviar els colors i gaudir-se!



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